Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Marketing your restaurant is not only selling your culinary delights, it is more than that and involves many aspects within and without the restaurant.Restaurant Marketing Ideas
The location of your restaurant would be high on the agenda as convenience is a primary aspect especially if you are to attract those looking for a quick meal and rush back to attend to other important chores.

A prominent location would be easier to market hence if you are thinking of opening a restaurant keeping this in mind would be in your better interests.
The other marketing platform would be the ambience and décor within the restaurant which would go a long way in enticing customers to make that much welcomed first visit and a repeat visit because no one likes to dine in a sleazy joint tucked up down an unfriendly alley.

Setting your restaurant in an atmosphere where customers feel happy of being part of it when they are in there would give them that feeling of being wanted and to feel comfortable and enjoy their meal.
It should be remembered that restaurants are all not about the food that is served as there is more to it than that, there are many factors that could put you on the pinnacle of success or throw you out of the restaurant business.
Good food is great and is a major factor but location, ambience, good service, price and even the lighting plays silent roles in either making your restaurant a success or not.
Hence putting down your restaurant marketing ideas and ensuring they would go down well with your targeted clientele and ensuring that the success of your business would depend on how your customers think.

Once you have your restaurant open to those discerning customers who you hope would grace your business it would be advisable to be proactive in your marketing strategies.
The social media is being used extensively by internet marketing professionals to bring their marketing messages to their prospective customers and it would work for your restaurant too.
Targeting specific customers on the social media platform would provide you with a very profitable avenue to bring your restaurant effectively onto the public domain.
The most important aspect to make your restaurant successful is to have a stream of customers pouring into your business everyday which would be the ideal situation that you envisage.
The wider your customer base the more customers you could reach and providing more customers more information about your restaurant and what you have on offer for them to come and enjoy would be a good idea.

Restaurant marketing ideas have taken a new dimension today especially where strategic marketing is concerned, with aggressive and innovative ideas the sky could be the limit for you.
Whatever you do keeping the basics great would hold you in good stead because every restaurant is in competition with one another and those who get their basics mixed up could end up on the wrong side of the fence and get out of business

Best Wine Tasting Tours in Melbourne

wine tasting tours yarra valley with dreamscape tours
wine tasting tours yarra valley

Wine Tasting Tours in Melbourne

Victoria’s Yarra Valley is recognised globally for its spectacular views and award winning restaurants. Dreamscape

The winery tour’s offered by dreamscape are made particularly memorable by the luxury inclusions. Highlights of the Dreamscape package include the entry into 3-5 wineries of your choice, a five star coach, mini bus or limo as transportation, quality lunch options, an entertaining host to coordinate the day, and the winery tasting fees are paid by us! There are more features of our tours and they can be found on our website at

The team at Dreamscape tours can assist you in planning the perfect Yarra Valley winery tour and cater to you and your group’s specifications. We will ensure you see the most impressive wineries of the region and guide you to other local attractions including:

  • Chocolate Factory
  • U-Pick Fruit & Tour (Nov – April only)
  • Yarra Valley Dairy
  • Brewery & Cider Tastings

At Dreamscape tours, you tell us your budget and preferred wines and we will do the rest! We will coordinate your favoured bus for you and your group to ensure you have a customised Yarra Valley winery experience that you will never forget.

Yarra Valley Wineries that Dreamscape visits includes Killara Estate, De Bortoli Esate, Yarrawood, Riverstone, Kellybrook, Elmswood Estatem Seville Hill, Train Trak, Punt Road, Brumfield Winery and many more.

Winery festivals occur in various times throughout the year. The Grape Grazing Festival is on during February and in December, you can join us in the End of year Christmas functions. There is always enjoyable events on and we’re confident you will be impressed by the Yarra Valley wineries at all stages in the year.


Creating beautiful gardens

Landscaper MelbourneLandscape design is the ability to arrange or transform the elements or features on a property or yard together with its surrounding for artistic or realistic reasons. These landscaping purposes are often split into two main aspects which are hardscape and softscape designs.

A well implemented landscape design does not only improve the beauty and enjoyment of a house but also that of its surrounding useable space. With full planning of designs and expert implementation of them, the exterior living surroundings can be a valuable and useful development as it has been proven often that well-designed outdoor surroundings can boost a home’s value upwards of twenty percent.

Landscape designers are individuals or companies who have got the talent and artistic flair to plan, organize, design and implement arrangement. A creative ability is required for one to succeed as a landscape designer or similar profession, as design and organizational skills are needed to be able to create outdoor spaces using natural plants and diverse elements. The ability to transform a blank slate of environment or redesign an existing landscape to a fully functional and attractive exterior space for people to take pleasure in is what distinguishes one as a landscape designer.

Nowadays, landscape design incorporates a wide range of elements which include landform, horizontal structures, vertical structures, water, vegetation and climate to create a well-designed and scenic environment for open-air living. Specialized landscape designers offer a wide variety of planning, design and construction services customized to a range of client requirements. By seeking the services of a professional landscape designer, expensive blunders and futile confusion can be prevented while exceptional design solutions can be made.

Landscape designing generally involves making an analysis from an environmental, architectural, horticultural and imaginative point of view and blending together the available natural resources with some introduced artificial features to achieve a well-designed and executed outdoor area.

A professional landscape designer works in conjunction with each customer to craft a special and personalized design that is most excellently fitting to their house and environment, lifestyle and exclusive set of requirements that can assist in the realization of their landscape dreams and a t the same time keep a firm handle on realistic concerns which may include site analysis, budget and selecting suitable plants. The designer also offers assistance, a creative handle, and a complete landscaping strategy, while having the client’s welfare in mind.

Landscape design sometimes requires the input of other industry professionals to assist in implementing certain designs and plans which may fall beyond the scope of the designer. These plans may include swimming pools, outdoor houses, grading of landscape, installing water features and lots more. Some landscape designers make use of computer-aided design software commonly called CAD or manually sketched or drawn diagrams to outline their plans before implementing them to a larger scale on the actual square footage of given space. Not all decisions taken will be based on hard facts as the personal taste and choice of the client will also be noted.

Types Of General Plumbing Services

truck-imgIf you want to enjoy quality general plumbing services then you need a skilled plumber. Hiring a contractor to fix your plumbing issues is a must for every building with plumbing– home, office or recreational space. One of the most common issue home owner’s face is poor plumbing, because unlike commercial buildings the plumbing system is not overhauled every few years.

Sometimes, people do not even know they need plumbing services until the situation deteriorates. Some common signs that should let you know you need a plumber are: excessive water bills, hissing sounds behind walls and under floors, signs of water in gardens and pathways, weird sounds from the roof, etc.

General Plumbing Services

Roofing Plumbing

Roofing is a key plumbing service and involves the services of a licensed Roof Plumber; don’t hire an amateur. A bad roof can slowly damage your entire building if not checked on time. Roof damage often starts with a tiny almost invisible hole, which lets in tiny drops of rain and rays of sunshine, and it widens to a bigger more destructive hole.

Unblocking drainages

Blocked drainages are a nightmare. They can produce foul smells, making your home an unhealthy place. It’s even worse when your sewage system is blocked – your home begins to smell like feces and dead rats. General plumbing services involve unblocking drainages with the latest tools available in the market.

Hot Water Services

Hot water is very important especially when the weather is a little too chilly. It’s no fun discovering you’ve run out of hot water or the heater is no longer functioning when you need to grab a quick hot shower. It feels even worse when you want to soak in hot water after a hard day’s labor only to discover that there’s no hot water. Some hot water services offered by general plumbing services include – replacement and fixing of Gas Storage Hot Water units, Solar Hot Water units, Electric Hot Water units and Heat Pumps.

Bust and Leaking Pipe services

Your water bill is already too high in this bad economy; a leaky faucet is a big NO-NO. Whether it’s a water pipe or a waste pie – leakages are bad for you and your environment. It’s even worse when it leaks into your neighbor’s yard. You can get trusted hands to locate and repair leaking pipes at a very reasonable price – doesn’t need to cost a leg and an arm.

Don’t attempt fixing your plumbing issues on your own unless you are qualified contractor. Call GMJ Plumbing Services today for a trusted and professional plumbing service. Call 0411 158 730

Livit 2 Us Fpr Your Mobile Barbecue Needs


bbq-picA good barbeque catering company in Melbourne is a great thing to check out while you happen to be on vacation. Variety is imperative when it comes to the different sauces offered, along with the cuts of meat that the sauces are going to be available.

You need to be able to say that you had some real flavor at your corporate event. Showing a little personality at an event, and letting your hair down by having a barbecue stain on your tie can be an endearing quality in many ways.

Family Gatherings

Barbecue can be a staple for many different family gathering. Engagement parties and weddings are two types of events that our catering team is more than happy to work on, trying to please everyone in the family.


Our team takes all of the stress out of cooking for the event. People want to know that they can get a great barbecue meal at a sporting event, for example, our team is willing to mobilize and head right up to one of the luxury boxes where you want your food to arrive on time.


Catering is an art. Our team will do everything in our power to make sure the food that you are ordering stays warm, no matter what the temperature may be outside. Our company is here to provide top-notch barbecue. We listen when we know that something has to be changed on the menu, customers and the taste buds of customers are our first priority.


Meals are a great conversation starter, If you are waiting for your garden club meeting to begin and things are getting particularly boring, you are going to be able to talk about how great the barbecue is, how great the side dishes are. This excitement is what happens when you Livit 2 Us. The best food out there often includes some great desserts. This opportunity means that you should be able to find a great cheesecake to go with your meal, for example. The Deluxe BBQ Feast is going to give you the chance to get what you need when it comes to proper silverware as well. The fresh fruit platter is fantastic, and of course very healthy. The fresh dinner rolls that are available with the feast will make you feel like you are right at home.

Contact Us

Do not hesitate to send us any of your questions regarding your catering needs at We can handle large events or extremely small intimate gatherings. The choice is up to you; we can deliver some great barbecued sandwiches that the kids would love, and work in any setting. Our team is ready to serve you and leave you with a positively catered experience.